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Last chance to win for 2015!

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I have been dying to use the aboveFriendship Celebr8 stamp since it was released with their Cafe Friendship Collection. It just did not work on ANY of my pages…..

But then I brought a few of the new Prima papers home…. and I did an experiment with Finnabair’s Crackle Texture Paste on the paper – and it lay on my desk for a week, because I did not like what the experiment looked like. But then I experimented a little more with more Crackle Paste and Gesso and Mists and Stamping….. and I had a few elements that were lying around on the table from previous experiments that were “failures”……… and I had a packet of really ugly coloured flowers… and a chipboard lamppost… (did I mention REALLY ugly coloured flowers???) and then it just all came together…….

I spent the most time on the flowers – I covered them all with a VERY thick layer of Heavy Gesso and left them to dry overnight. When they were dry, I added some colour using a Teal and Gold mist. I then started adding some detail using my beloved Lyra Graphite Water Soluble Pencil as well as the MUST HAVE Zig Black Manga Brush Pen…. Seriously, this was soooo much fun and it just made me so happy when the page kind of just came together!

Now for the good news…… we would LOVE to see how you use elements on your desk and some Finnabair and Zig or Lyra Products!

Using the layout below based upon our last sketch for 2015, send us your layout by no later than 10 January 2016 and you stand a chance to win an awesome Product Hamper from Scrapbook Studio

Just click on the image below to be taken to the Competition Site or enter from our Facebook Page!  

Then ask all your friends and family to VOTE for your entry!!

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Your Grace Abounds....

sooooo........ it has been a while since I have posted a layout or a little bit of my personal creative process here. ........

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i used loads of products - this is a layout for me personally.  not for a kit or anything and yes- i know there are no photos - but i know exactly which photos i want to put there....

Finnabair Platinum Crackle Texture Paste with added glitter, our new Circle Stencil (had to test it), a home made teal mist, Zig Woodcraft Markers, Stickles, All Purpose Inks, Enamel Dots (i love those things!!!) and the Scrapbook Studio Bubble Stamp to fill in the background.....  it took a long time to complete the elements - but it was so worth it! 

please feel free to copy the layout - it is at the bottom of the post.

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there is a company in South Africa that manufactures Chipboard items.  they recently partnered with a doyenne of South African Scrapbooking - Glenda Viljoen.  they released their third collection this month.  it arrived at the shop on Tuesday - as i was getting ready to go on "leave"(more about that below)...  i grabbed a pack - the previous 2 collections were really great to work with and i was quite excited to see what this one looked like.  of course it was gorgous - just in time for the December Holidays in South Africa - a beachy/summery themed collection - how can you go wrong?  but i did not see any of that.  what i saw was a journaling card on the cut out sheet of paper - "Your Grace abounds in deepest waters..."

and i knew that this was going to be the title of my page.  because - it is in the DEEPEST, DARKEST moments of my life, that i have felt the closest to God - the safest, the most loved and the most cherished by Him.  His Grace truly abounds - the definition of "abound" is as follows:




                                                                          exist in large numbers or amounts.

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the past few months have been really, really busy - a literal whirwind of classes, traveling and then the normal daily grind

despite it all, i am still constantly amazed at how GOOD the Lord is to me...  i am healthy, i have a job, i work with people that are amazing, i have really good friends, my husband is extremely supportive, i have a roof over my head, food to eat and i am doing what i love. on top of that i am worth Someone dying for me - so hey, there is really, really nothing i can complain about!

sometimes, though, the above seems to NOT be enough.  and i get a little side tracked and something starts chasing me and there are deadlines and people to please and things to do and everyone wants a piece of me and the phone does not stop ringing and then i have to say STOP...  just STOP and step back.

i had to do that this week.  i literally put myself on "forced" leave (well, if you can call just working from home "leave"....) and spent the last 5 days at home. 

tonight i am getting ready to go back to the shop tomorrow.  i feel like a new person.  you might think i slept in, went to the beach and just did nothing.... well, on the contrary.  i still got up every morning at 5am (except one morning - i forced myself to only get out of bed at 6:30).  i still spent most of the day ordering stock and answering emails.  i completed the projects for the Cape Town classes I am teaching in January.  but mostly, while i was doing this, i was alone....  and i could allow myself to listen to a Voice that was starting to be drowned out by all the noise my life was making....  i have the Bible on CD and i have never listened to it - i read the Bible! but then a friend gave me a teaching on how we need to HEAR the Word....  so i decided to be obedient and i started listening........

i won't bore you with the details - you can listen for yourself.  but the one thing that REALLY hit home and something i really HEARD for the first time - you cannot use up God's Grace...  you can use it ALL today - tomorrow it is just all new again.........

i can't stop looking at the title of this page....  His Grace truly abounds in deepest waters. And as it took quite a while to complete all the detailed elements on this page, I also know that it will take a looooooongggggg while (as in until the day that I die) for the Lord to work His work in me. But until that day, I will rest assured - knowing that His Grace abounds in the Deepest waters…

Your Grace Abounds Small